June 19, 2023

Maserati choses FPT Industrial for its new full-electric Granturismo Folgore

Maserati has made its choice. FPT Industrial will be supplying the drive systems for the latest masterpiece of style, power and performance from the legendary House of the Trident: the new full-electric GranTurismo Folgore. Developed with cutting-edge technical solutions derived from Formula E race cars and equipped with 800 V technology, the new GranTurismo Folgore incorporates three 300 kW permanent-magnet motors integrated into front and rear FPT Industrial electric axles. This powerful, efficient and completely integrated system is capable of generating 761 hp, propelling the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds and on to a top speed of over 325 km/h. Developed in partnership with Maserati and manufactured in the company’s ePowertrain plant in Turin, Italy, FPT Industrial’s electric axles used in the GranTurismo Folgore feature a compact and lightweight design, thanks to their 100% aluminum structure and the integration of all components, including the inverters, inside the axles themselves.

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