Why choose Reman? The remanufacturing process allows revitalizing used products, extending their life cycle, and returning them to productive use. Remanufacturing is known as the ultimate form of Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling: through Reman, we reduce landfill waste, reuse recoverable components, and recycle worn out material. FPT Industrial Reman helps Customers to reduce their environmental impact.

The FPT Reman range means being fully confident that the remanufactured parts are as efficient as the genuine ones.

Thanks to the unrivalled know-how acquired over the last few decades, FPT is the ideal partner for such a complex & sophisticated process. Cutting-edge technology, bespoke tooling & equipment and strenuous testing allow remanufacturing essential components of your machine to the highest standards, ensuring a like-new quality.

The remanufacturing process is more complex than production, due to the additional steps and stringent tests that are conducted on each component. Genuine FPT remanufactured parts are completely remanufactured from their core to their original, like-new condition — not rebuilt from the point of failure.

With every FPT Industrial remanufactured part, we:

Completely disassemble and inspect the core.
Thoroughly clean each component and test it against the original’s latest specifications.
Replace all wear parts with new components including bearings, seals, gaskets, and more.
• Restore or replace all other components.
Reassemble and test all finished remanufactured parts one final time to ensure like-new performance.

FPT Reman is continually evolving and currently offers the following parts: Turbochargers, Starters and alternators, Injection Pumps and injectors, Oil pump, DPF, Clutch, Long block and Flywheel.

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