Soundproofed Genset
Compact and cost-effective Shortest load response time Top power with minimum fuel consumption Up to 800 hours service intervals


Developed to satisfy the most demanding Customer requirements, the NEF Series is the evidence of FPT Industrial technological excellence.

Available in 6 cylinders versions, NEF engines offer high power a​nd load acceptance delivery with top-class levels of reliability and efficiency.

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NEF engines are certified ISO 8528 standard, G2/G3 class for excellent load acceptance. High thermodynamic performance and engine load response make these engines the best choice in all power generation applications.

Emission performance is achieved without external EGR, VGT or electronics Systems. Flexibility of use is enhanced by cold-starting temperature down to -25°C (with grid heater).

Extra-long oil change intervals (up to 800 hours with NEF mechanical versions) maximize engine uptime. Optimized combustion chambers and high-pressure injection system reduce oil dilution. Engine design is optimized in terms of mechanical clearances, piston rings and oil system calculation.

Compact size and high component integration facilitate engine installation (water-oil cooler, oil and water pumps are fully integrated in the engine block). This also reduces the risk of fluid leakage.

*Dimensions can be changed according to engine options
1900 (mm*)3200 (mm*)
1130 (mm*)

The N67 models

0 ModelsModel
  • Arrangement
    L (in line)
    V (90° "V" configuration)
  • Air Handling
    TCA (Turbocharged with aftercooler)
    TC (Turbocharged)
    NA (Naturally Aspirated)
  • Injection System
    M (Mechanical)
    ECR (Electronic Common Rail)
    EUI (Electronic Unit Injector)
    MPI (Multi Point Injection)