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  • Powerful and compact

  • Excellent transient response and Designed for heavy duty conditions and harsh environment

  • 600-hours maintenance intervals and exceptional low fuel consumption

  • SWITCHABLE 50 / 60HZ (1,500/1,800 RPM) POWER SUPPLY

The Cursor Ser​ies are designed for prime and stand-by applications up to 582 kW, and offers top power, fast load response and best-in-class in total cost of ownership with high power density.

High efficiency, proven reliability, long maintenance intervals and premium performance make the Cursor Series state-of-the-art of engines for Power Generation.

All engines in the range are coupled with the fuel system most suitable to their missions:

• Cursor 9 offers a very compact second-generation Common Rail system,
• Cursor 10 mounts electronic controlled unit injectors,
• Cursor 13 adopts either electronic controlled unit injectors or a heavy-duty Common Rail system,
• Cursor 16 is equipped with second-generation Common Rail – reaching rail pressures of up to 2,200 bar.

The Cursor Series is complianto to the most demanding emission standards in order to meet all customer needs and applications.

The option list includes hot part guards, water jacket heater, alarm senders, oil drain systems and front radiator guard. A wide range of engine features can be customized upon request.​


Features & benefits

Cursor engines are certified ISO 8528 standard, G3 class for excellent load acceptance. Turbocharging with air-to-air charge cooled air system and multi-valve technology optimize thermodynamic performance, thus maximizing both performance and fuel efficiency.

Emission performance is achieved without external EGR, VGT or electronic systems. Flexibility of use is enhanced by cold-starting temperature down to -25°C (with grid heater).

Top-class 600-hours oil change intervals maximize uptime. Optimized combustion chambers and high-pressure injection system reduce oil dilution. Engine design is optimized in terms of mechanical clearances, piston rings and oil system calculation. The engine Electronic Control Unit with CAN-BUS control and monitoring interface may be used as easy and fast interface with body electronic devices.

Compact size and high component integration facilitate engine installation (water-oil cooler, oil and water pumps are fully integrated in the engine block). This also reduces the risk of fluid leakage. Compact G-Drive size to maximize transportation efficiency and minimize canopy cost.

Tech aspects

*Dimensions can be changed according to engine options
1690 (mm*)3020 (mm*)
1055 (mm*)

The Cursor 16 models

Please select an engine model to discover more details

Prime PowerStand By Power
ModelCylinder Arrangement, Air FeedingDisplacement
[litersCubic inches]
Injection System50 Hz
[kVA (kWe)HP]
60 Hz
[kVA (kWe)HP]
50 Hz
[kVA (kWe)HP]
60 Hz
[kVA (kWe)HP]
Only available in
GE CURSOR685B6L/TCA15.9-ECR- (-)- 619.2 (495.3)- - (-)- 672 (538)-Brasil
  • ModelGE CURSOR685B
    Cylinder Arrangement, Air Feeding
    [litersCubic inches]
    Injection System
    50 Hz
    [kVA (kWe)HP]
    - (-)-
    60 Hz
    [kVA (kWe)HP]
    619.2 (495.3)-
    50 Hz
    [kVA (kWe)HP]
    - (-)-
    60 Hz
    [kVA (kWe)HP]
    672 (538)-
    Only available in
  • Arrangement
    L (in line) V (90° "V" configuration)
  • Air Handling
    TCA (Turbocharged with aftercooler) TC (Turbocharged) NA (Naturally Aspirated)
  • Injection System
    M (Mechanical) ECR (Electronic Common Rail) EUI (Electronic Unit Injector) MPI (Multi Point Injection)