From housing to factories, all man-made structures need energy: locally-generated energy offers prompt availability, reliable supply and considerable savings.

FPT Industrial has the right solution wherever power is needed – construction sites and shipyards, on-shore and off-shore oil or gas platforms, banks, hospitals, malls and shopping centres, and also domestic use.

Engine Series


FPT Industrial engine F32 SM1A 3.2-litre
Location Mount Elbrus, Caucasus (Russia)
Application Stationary Power Generation

We are used to seeing FPT Industrial engines on the road, in fields and construction sites, but what about a high-altitude hotel on the sides of Europe's top peak? The highest stationary engine in Europe provides power generation 3912 metres up Mount Elbrus, a dormant volcano in Caucasus, Russia. LEAPrus 3912 is a design hotel composed of four pre-fabricated fiberglass tubes that provide lodging for 49 climbers. It was created by LEAPfactory (a team of Italian architects that specialize in extreme environments). The F32 FPT Industrial power unit installed in the hotel generates heat for the compound, melts snow to provide hot and cold water, powers the lights, and operates the waste system. A very unusual application, but one that really illustrates the capability of our engines. At that altitude the engine works in straining conditions: temperatures can fall well below minus 20 Celsius. Beside power, maximum reliability is to be provided: engine maintenance on the side of a volcano, 4000 metres above sea level, is not the easiest thing on earth. FPT Industrial F32 has proven itself up to the task by doing its duty without fault since 2013.