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N60 NG

  • 20 years natural gas experience

  • Compatible with CNG, LNG and Bio-Methane

  • Stoichiometric combustion to assure best in class fuel consumption and lower noise than Diesel

  • Fuel cost savings vs Diesel of up to 30%

The NEF Series is the most compact, efficient and cost-effective engine solution in the 6 to 18 tons tru​ck, bus and coach category.

The NEF family includes by a 6-cy​​linder, 6-liter CNG version that offers unpaired sustainability.

Natural gas is the most eco-friendly fuel for internal combustion engines, capable of bringing significant environmental advantages:

• it improves local air quality nearly eliminating air pollutants,
• it mitigates global warming by significantly reducing CO2 emissions
• and it significantly lowers engine noise.

These eco-benefits come together with a competitive TCO – thanks to the well-tested reliability and fuel economy of our natural gas technology.

​As all NEF engines, this can be customized upon demand with a rich set of options. ​



Features & benefits

NEF natural gas engines deliver high power and torque output, with any load and on any route compared to Diesel.

Fuel cost savings vs Diesel amount to up to 30%. Moreover, natural gas is significantly less expensive than Diesel in most European Countries.

FPT Industrial boasts over 20 years experience in natural gas technology, and it has been first to adopt the stoichiometric technology that now is standard in the sector. High reliability and serviceability contribute to low maintenance cost together with oil change intervals at 30.000 km.

A simple and easy to install 3 way catalyst Is enough to reach Euro VI standards: the emission level of natural gas-powered vehicles is significantly lower compared to Diesel, and can reach near zero by using bio-methane.

Tech aspects

*Dimensions can be changed according to engine options
875 (mm*)1095 (mm*)
902 (mm*)

The N60 NG models

Please select an engine model to discover more details

ModelCylinder Arrangement, Air Feeding, Emission TechnologyDisplacement
[litersCubic inches]
Injection SystemkWHP @ rpmNm (kgm)FT/lb @ rpmEmissionsOnly available in
N60 ENTG6L/TCA/-5.9360MPI147200 @ 2700650 (66)479.4 @ 1250Euro V-
  • ModelN60 ENTG
    N60 ENTG
    Cylinder Arrangement, Air Feeding, Emission Technology
    [litersCubic inches]
    Injection System
    kWHP @ rpm
    147200 @ 2700
    Nm (kgm)FT/lb @ rpm
    650 (66)479.4 @ 1250
    Euro V
    Only available in
  • Arrangement
    L (in line) V (90° "V" configuration)
  • Air Handling
    TCA (Turbocharged with aftercooler) TC (Turbocharged) NA (Naturally Aspirated)
  • Turbocharger
    WG (Wastegate) VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) TST (Twin Stage Turbocharge)
  • Injection System
    M (Mechanical) ECR (Electronic Common Rail) EUI (Electronic Unit Injector) MPI (Multi Point Injection)
  • Emission Standard
    EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle)
  • Exhaust System
    EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

NEF engine timeline

Continuous evolution