Cursor 13 NG

Fueled 100% by CNG, LNG or biomethane
Stoichiometric combustion to guarantee the reduction of consumption and noise compared to diesel
Up to 40% fuel savings compared to diesel

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C13 NG represents the best low environmental impact alternative for long-range operations since it was developed to meet the high requirements in terms of performance and operating costs, but without compromising its resistance.

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Euro VI E

Based on cutting-edge technologies and more than 20 years of experience with natural gas engines, the C13 NG provides maximum power of 460 HP @ 1600 rpm and maximum torque of 2000 Nm @ 1100 rpm; offering 35% more power and 25% more torque than the best competitors with the same technology.

Like all of FPT's NG models, this natural gas engine uses stoichiometric combustion to generate power.

Since 1995, the company began adopting this technology which then proved to be the only viable and convenient solution available to comply with the Euro VI Step E emissions limits.

Stoichiometric combustion actually allows the C13 NG engine to comply with Euro VI Step E standards using a simple three-way catalyzer without EGR that is easy to install. This engine's CO2 emission rate is significantly lower than diesel and it can almost reach zero using biomethane. Furthermore, CNG engines lower noise pollution thanks to a more fluid and quieter combustion cycle (Otto cycle) than diesel engines.

And then, the combustion without EGR, the multipoint fuel injectors and the rails ensure best-in-class consumption.

The new engine ensures high standards of reliability in terms of mechanical and thermal stress thanks to the cast iron Ni-Resist exhaust manifold, the liquid-cooled Wastegate turbo compressor and the compact graphite iron (CGI) cylinder head.

Furthermore, the use of specific elastic rings and the machining of the aluminum pistons guarantee oil change intervals of 90,000 km.

Fuel savings reaches 30%-40%* more than the 460 HP Cursor diesel engine.

* depending on fuel costs.

FPT lean technology avoiding Diesel and Ad-Blue adoption grants a user friend and compact solution with the possibility to mount up to 900 liters LNG fuel tank on the vehicle, leading to more than 1500 km range.

The Cursor 13 NG models

1 ModelsModel
  • Turbocharger
    e-VGT (Electronic Variable Geometry Turbo)
    2stT (Twin-Stage Turbo)
    WG (Fixed Geometry Turbocharger with Waste Gate valve)
  • Injection System
    EUI (Electronically Controlled Unit Injector)
    MPI (Multi-Points Injection)
    ECR (Electronic Common Rail)
  • Exhaust System
    ATS (Aftertreatment System)
    CCDPF (Cross Coupled Diesel Particulate Filter)
    CUC (Clean Up Catalyst)
    DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)
    SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)
    DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter w/ passive regeneration)
    EGR (External Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
    HPEGR (High Pressure Cooled External EGR)