Road engines make the world go round. Professional transport is founded on their performance, reliability, and efficiency. They bring on board power as well as dependability, robustness as well as innovation. FPT Industrial engines cover all On Road applications – light, medium, and heavy trucks, coaches & buses and special vehicles for emergency and defence.

Our “On Road” line-up is based on three engine families (F1, NEF, and CURSOR), with displacements from 2.3 to 12.9 litres, power ratings from 97 to 570 hp and maximum torque level ranging from 240 to 2,500 Nm. All families also include natural gas units.

Engine Series


FPT Industrial engine NEF 45 Euro VI 118 kW
Location Germany
Application Metropolitan Services

BUCHER MUNICIPAL is a very prestigious Brand with a long tradition of manufacturing municipal vehicles for road cleaning and snow clearance. For their latest-generation CityCat 5006 compact sweeper, they needed an engine at the leading edge of technology in terms of reliability and ease of maintenance, emission and fuel consumption levels, power and torque density. This is why they chose the FPT Industrial 4-cylinder N45 engine, developed to meet Euro VI emission legislation with market-leading performance and efficiency. N45 is equipped with our proprietary High-efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction (HI-eSCR) system – that ensures substantial weight savings versus its main competitors, and therefore higher vehicle payload compared to market standards. These characteristics match very well with CityCat 5006 exceptionally basic construction and pioneering technology, and perfectly meet private and public Customers’ requirements.