Top-class performance and fuel efficiency Maximum torque available at low rpm Exclusive SCR-only ATS solution Best in class DPF maintenance at up to 600.000 km

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Cursor Series engines are available in both Diesel and CNG versions, compliant with Euro VI step A/C standards, with power rating from 245 to 570 hp.

Cursor Series stands out for superb performance combined with contained fuel consumption. Electronically-controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger (EVGT) allows the development of maximum torque up to 2,500 Nm at as low as 1,000 rpm (on Cursor 13). Torque availabilit​​​y over a wide rpm range guarantees all Cursor automotive applications top-level flexibility and fuel efficiency.

The introduction on Euro VI step A engines of centrifugal blow-by and electronic exhaust flap increases engine brake power of up to 30% – with consequent reduction in brake pad wear-and-tear and servicing costs. Integrated Common Rail in cylinder head reduces engine noise by 1 dBA vs. Electronic Unit Injectors adopted In Euro V

The 6-cylinder Cursor engine range offers displacements from 7.8 to 12.9 liters (trucks only). Cursor 8 and 9 engines are also supplied in natural gas version.​

All Cursor engines are open to customization with a rich set of options, that include oil sump availability. ​

309 – 309
Euro VI A/C

Cursor no-EGR architecture ensures optimal combustion efficiency – resulting in low fuel consumption and top-class performance, also due to advanced injection and air handling systems. The regeneration-free HI-eSCR system avoids unplanned stops (especially in indoor, sensible environments).

Cursor engines boast best-in-class oil change intervals at up to 150.000 km. DPF cleaning/replacement at up to 600.000 km (C11 and C13) and reduced oil consumption provide significant advantages in terms of uptime and fluid cost. The FPT Industrial-patented HI-eSCR system makes regeneration unnecessary, so reducing thermal stress and maintenance needs.

Both Cursor engines and the HI-eSCR system are characterized by lean and lightweight design. Our EGR-free technology requires less cooling power (and thus a smaller cooling package size), also simplifying vehicle application. In order to further facilitate installation, a wide choice of customized after-treatment layouts is available.

Our exclusive HI-eSCR after-treatment system represents a “fit & forget” solution that ensures best durability and lowest operating costs. This technology relies on long-standing and proven SCR experience, based on more than 650,000 units produced by FPT Industrial since 2005.


*Dimensions can be changed according to engine options
778 (mm*)710 (mm*)
591 (mm*)

The Cursor 11 models

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    • Arrangement
      L (in line)
      V (90° "V" configuration)
    • Air Handling
      TCA (Turbocharged with aftercooler)
      TC (Turbocharged)
      NA (Naturally Aspirated)
    • Turbocharger
      WG (Wastegate) VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger)
      TST (Twin Stage Turbocharge)
    • Injection System
      M (Mechanical)
      ECR (Electronic Common Rail)
      EUI (Electronic Unit Injector)
      MPI (Multi Point Injection)
    • Emission Standard
      EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle)
    • Exhaust System
      EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
      SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)