To feed people, agriculture needs power. Our wide range of engine families provides the best solution for all agricultural applications – from tractors to harvesting machines.

Our engines are at the forefront of technology. Depending on mission requirements, they can adopt variable-geometry and two-stage turbochargers, high-pressure Common Rail injection, patented after-treatment systems and more.

Our engines respect the environment while increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance. We were first, in 2011, to introduce in this sector a SCR-only solution that allows farmers to comply with the most severe eco-regulations without affecting productivity. Since then, the development of our HI-eSCR patented technology has further improved the system and its advantages.


FPT Industrial engine NEF 67 Tier IV 151 kW
Location Italy
Application Agriculture

Engines do not pick tomatoes, but can power machines that do so. It is the case of GUARESI, an Italian agricultural equipment Company (established 1932) that produces some of the best unmanned harvesting systems in Europe. GUARESI were looking for the right engine to be installed on their most innovative machinery. They needed it powerful but also light, big in value but small in package in order not to interfere with harvesting implements. After in-depth scrutiny, they opted for our N67 Tier IV at 151 kW – trusting that FPT Industrial well-known reliability would have simplified after-sales service. They are very happy with their decision: the N67 engine offers all the power the machine needs (and more), while fuel consumption (measured during the whole agricultural season) is as low as 14/15 litres per operating hour. Both yield and efficiency have exceeded Customer expectations – and this has contributed to the increase of GUARESI’s reputation and sales.