V8 architecture delivering up to 910 hp power
Best in class fluid efficiency and compactness
Best in class power to weight ratio

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The new V20 represents the latest addition to FPT’s high-power range, extending product line-up to 670kW.

The new flagship 20 liter engine features a lean V8 architecture, with a 90° angle between cylinder banks, resulting in highly compact layout and low engine weight to ensure space-optimized installations while guaranteeing the right power is available in every condition, thanks to advanced engine hardware and two turbochargers optimized for any working point.

With its EGR-free, optimized combustion, the V20 boasts superior efficiency, together with V8 layout reducing engine friction compared to more complex V12 architectures.

Operating costs and uptime are ensured by the maintenance-free and regeneration-free Tier 4 Final and Stage V aftertreatment solution, an SCR-only system based on longstanding FPT experience in SCR technology, requiring no need for maintenance over lifecycle nor any machine stop during operation for filter regeneration.

To grant the highest robustness, engine design shares 2200-bar common rail system and key components with Cursor engine family; furthermore, the newly designed 220 bar in-cylinder pressure-capable engine structure adopts new cast-iron components and advanced materials on valves, crankshaft and compressor wheel.

Cross-banks exhuast system design improves turbocharging fluid-dynamics, compensating pressure waves through the system for optimized performance and efficiency.

Launched in 2017, the new V20 comes with a 670 kW power and a max torque of 4100 Nm, ensuring unfailing performance output in all conditions

670 / 670
V / Tier 4B


The most compact, high-performance engine, with a 0,6 hp/kg power-to-weight ratio (+13 % Vs. average V12 competitors)

NO EGR and 220 bar of in-cylinder pressure for optimized combustion

High-temperature resistant turbochargers for uncompromised performance output in all conditions


FPT’s patented HI-eSCR system is a maintenance free, “fit and forget” solution ensuring low operating costs and maximizing vehicle uptime.

One side serviceability layout and single cylinder heads for easy and fast maintenance operations


Steel pistons and high-pressure injection system from Cursor family for tried-and-tested reliability.

Design-optimized engine structure with advanced materials on valves, crankshaft, turbochargers, cylinder head

SCR-only and DPF-free aftertreatment solution for effective emission-compliance.


Improved hardware design and materials supporting up to 220 bar max PCP for best in class power to weight ratio (+13% than V12 competitors average). Specific temperature-resistant turbocharger grant performance also with high ambient temperatures.

Best in class fuel efficiency (up to 2% of fuel saving compared to V12 engines) thanks to V8 architecture resulting in lower frictions, no EGR combustion, 2200 bar Common Rail and cross-banks exhaust system design for optimal turbochargers fluid-dynamics.
Engine reliability is ensured by no-EGR and single WG turbocharging solutions in a lean V8 architecture, adopting high resistance materials such as steel for No pistons, nitrided-steel for crankshaft and nodular cast iron for cylinder heads.

One-side filters accessibility or remote-mountable option and single cylinder heads for easy and fast maintenance operations. Green filters adopted (same as Cursor family) guarntee lower maintenace cost and environmental impact.

The most compact engine of its class (-11% volume Vs. average V12 engines) thanks to lean V8 architecture and cross-bank exhaust system layout, minimizing impact on vehicle dimensions and load capacity


*Dimensions can be changed according to engine options
1340 (mm*)1625 (mm*)
1190 (mm*)

The V20 models

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    • Arrangement
      L (in line)
      V (90° "V" configuration)
    • Air Handling
      TCA (Turbocharged with aftercooler)
      TC (Turbocharged)
      NA (Naturally Aspirated)
    • Turbocharger
      WG (Wastegate)
      VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger)
      TST (Twin Stage Turbocharge)
    • Injection System
      M (Mechanical)
      ECR (Electronic Common Rail)
      EUI (Electronic Unit Injector)
      MPI (Multi Point Injection)
    • Exhaust System
      EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
      SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)