eAX 600-R

Complete, compact, and fully integrated solutions for the highest levels of power density.
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FPT Industrial and Maserati, the legendary House of the Trident, have come together to create brand-new high-performance electric axles, a single-motor solution for front installations and a dual-motor solution for the rear.
Both eAxles stand out for being a complete solution in a very compact design. All components, including the inverters, are perfectly integrated into the eAxles, avoiding the need to place them elsewhere in the car structure. This offers significant benefits in terms of space and weight distribution, especially for a top sports car like the brand-new Maserati GranTurismo Folgore.
The electric Axles have been jointly developed by FPT Industrial and Maserati, the rear eAxle delivering top levels of power density (up to 4,83 kW/kg), and thanks to the torque vectoring system guaranteeing a higher level of performance.
Perfectly fitting into FPT Industrial’s sustainability focus, the eAxles are manufactured in the ePowertrain plant, the Iveco Group’s first carbon-neutral premises, located in Turin (Italy).

A patented solution from FPT Industrial. Complete, compact, and integrated design to maximize weight and space installation.
The eAX 600-R model

eAX 600-R

n. eMotors:



Complete, compact and integrated design

System efficiency:

> 85%

Gear - n. speed:


Power Density (kW/kg):


Peak Power [kW]:

> 600 @ 800V

Peak Wheel Torque [Nm]:


Weight [kg]: