eBS 37

Battery Storage solution
Battery Pack for zero-emission urban mobility
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FPT Industrial’s high-performance, reliable and top-quality ePowertrain range is rounded out by state-of-the-art battery storage and management solutions. In collaboration with Texas-based Microvast, a market leader in ultra-fast charging, long-life battery power systems, FPT Industrial has started to develop and produce battery packs for all application needs, with different product offerings depending on customer mission profiles and requirements. 
The 37 kWh FPT Battery Pack for LCV and Minibus applications is a modular battery pack that incorporates Microvast cells with unique Lithium-ion technology for impressive energy density and depth-of-discharge (95%), with advantages in terms of reduced battery weight. Thanks also to NMC technology (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese), the most versatile and high-performance solution to date (for Commercial Vehicle applications), the eBS 37 offers quick charging. Furthermore, this advanced, well-designed system also offers high energy density and good stability.

The eBS 37 model

eBS 37

Cell Technology:


Cooling system:


Multipack solution:

up to 4 packs in parallel | up to 2 packs in series

Nominal energy (kWh):


Nominal voltage (V):


Energy Density [Wh/kg]:

> 140

C-rate (continuous):

1C (charge) / 2C (discharge)

Cathode technology:

NMC 811


IP6K9K / IP67

Dimensions [L x W x H, mm]:

925 x 854 x 310

Weight [kg]:


Life Cycle:

> 2.500



Regulation Compliance:

ECE R100.2 / ECE R10.5