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There are over 21 million people live in Beijing, and each one of them has probably taken a BPTC ride in their life. Beijing’s public transportation company, in fact, covers the whole capital, as well as routes that go beyond town, including tours that bring tourists to the most famous Chinese attractions such as the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs.

FPT Industrial is a main protagonist of Beijing’s public mobility: since 2012 FPT Industrial has been providing engines to BPTC through a partnership that it strengthens every year. In 2017, FPT Industrial delivered 116 units of its best-selling engines to the public company: the F1C CNG engines are now powering and moving buses and people all around the city.
The F1C CNG, in fact, are mounted on 12-meter hybrid city buses and combine performance and sustainability. Their maximum power is up to 100 kW @ 3500 rpm and they belong to the recognized Natural Gas engines series in which FPT Industrial is an expert. The F1C CNG has a longstanding heritage: FPT Industrial has sold over 30,000 Natural Gas engines in the past twenty years, a success made possible due to the combination of performance – which is the same of a Diesel engine – and much lower emissions (near zero when using engines fueled with biomethane).

Find out more about BPTC and Natural Gas engines with this video.

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