November 7, 2023


Recently, FPT Industrial’s forklift industry promotion conference and the GOODSENSE Stage V / Tier 4F product launch event was held in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province (China). FPT Industrial and GOODSENSE teams, associations and media, industry experts, and domestic and foreign customers gathered together to discuss product iteration opportunities, explore the potential of industry development, look for win-win cooperation opportunities, and witness the product launch of the first GOODSENSE forklift equipped with FPT Industrial’s F28 Stage V / Tier 4F engine.


The theme of this event was “FPT Industrial Power, Drive You Freely”, aiming to further expand the communication and cooperation between the Brand and its customers, and taking the opportunity to launch new products, jointly promote this highly competitive forklift, and enhance market influence and brand awareness. At the conference, FPT Industrial focused on its portfolio and overseas service network for the off-road segment, and had in-depth exchanges with attendees on multiple topics such as product characteristics and advantages, telematics, and aftersales service support. Both parties shared their experiences, assessed the state of the market, looked for business opportunities, and strove to further expand the scope of overseas business.


As a pioneer in technological innovation in the field of forklifts and a core enterprise for the industry’s development, GOODSENSE is widely praised within the market for its high-end, environmentally friendly, energy-saving forklift ranges. In early 2023, FPT Industrial signed a letter of intent with GOODSENSE to provide more than 5,000 units of the F28 Stage V / Tier 4F engine as power units for GOODSENSE forklifts for export to markets with strict emissions standards, such as Europe and the United States. 


This event saw the launch of the first GOODSENSE forklift equipped with the FPT F28 Stage V / Tier 4F engine, representing the first successful cooperation between FPT Industrial and GOODSENSE in the forklift market, and also marking the key step of FPT Industrial entering the forklift industry.


Riccardo Pavani, Head of FPT Industrial’s China Powertrain Commercial Operations, and Chen Yunfu, Vice Chairman and General Manager of GOODSENSE, came together to light the eyes of the dancing lion to finish off the lion dance, symbolizing good luck and demonstrating the beautiful vision and firm confidence in the cooperation between the two parties.


Combining the advantages of compactness, high performance and environmental protection, the FPT F28 Stage V / Tier 4F easily meets users’ needs for high-productivity applications, meeting emissions requirements while ensuring stable high-power output. This allows the forklifts using this engine to provide impressive efficiency, environmentally friendly performance, and reliability. The live demonstration of the product won unanimous praise from the guests.


The successful FPT Industrial forklift industry promotion conference and GOODSENSE Stage V product launch ceremony not only strengthened the communication between FPT Industrial and its customers, but also injected new vitality into the forklift industry’s development. Through in-depth discussions of the industrial and technical development trends and changing market requirements, the two parties’ belief in a win-win partnership was further strengthened. It is believed that the GOODSENSE forklift equipped with the FPT Industrial F28 Stage V / Tier 4F engine will prove to be highly competitive on the market, and win the favor of many overseas customers. FPT Industrial will continue to uphold the concept of putting the customer first, continuing to provide high-quality products and services, and working together with customers to create a bright future.