May 31, 2023


FPT Industrial, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production, and sale of innovative solutions for the mobility of tomorrow, is supplying its F36 Stage V engine for the recently launched New Holland TE6 Straddle Tractor Range. The new and unique TE6.120N and TE6.150N are multifunction tractors specifically designed for narrow vineyards that require machines with extreme maneuverability and compact dimensions.


The main features of this new and revolutionary Straddle Tractor range are multifunctionality, maneuverability, compact design and power, and the FPT Industrial F36 Stage V engine plays a key role in ensuring their perfect functionality and synergy.


Both the F36 86 kW and F36 105 kW engines, powering the TE6.120N and TE6.150N models respectively, are mid-row longitudinally mounted for a better weight distribution. The Stage V compact ATS ensures all-round visibility is not compromised. These engines also feature a new single cooling block (water, oil, air) with dual fan, and integrated fuel, urea, and oil tanks to speed up refilling operations.


The design of the new Straddle Tractor range is inspired by the Straddle Tractor Concept, created by New Holland in collaboration with Italian design firm Pininfarina, and winner of the Good Design Award and the German Design Award in 2022. The concept tractor featured a futuristic and stylish look inspired by the shape of a glass of Champagne as an homage to premium winemakers from regions such as Champagne, Médoc and Burgundy. 


The new TE6.120N and TE6.150N are, indeed, specifically designed for some of the most prestigious wine-producing regions, adapting to the narrow French vineyards and to any terrain with similar characteristics, as well as being highly multifunctional, with three independent tool zones for multiple possible implement combinations.


The FPT Industrial F5 series is the compact and flexible solution for light and midrange applications, delivering high performance with low operating costs.

Engines from this range offer the best performance in the category, with a very compact layout, which is key for agricultural equipment applications of this size. The optimized design of the turbochargers and pistons offers exceptional power and torque density for applications both above and below 56 kW, with 3.4-liter and 3.6-liter engines respectively.

FPT Industrial’s innovative solutions reduce fuel consumption and simplify maintenance to reduce total cost of ownership.

To meet Stage V emissions requirements, the F36 features HI-eSCR2, a maintenance-free system marking a further step in FPT Industrial’s long-term SCR experience.