November 15, 2021

The triumph of sustainability. The FPT Industrial N67 NG is at the heart of the “Sustainable Tractor of the Year” 2022

FPT Industrial was at the forefront with the “Tractor of the Year” 2022 award in the “Sustainable” category. The jury, made up of 26 journalists representing some of the most prestigious sector media (agricultural periodicals, websites, television programs and social networks) from throughout Europe, indeed selected the New Holland T6.180 Methane Power tractor with FPT Industrial N67 NG engine as the recipient of the coveted award as they felt it represented a significant step forward towards more sustainable agriculture.

Remaining true to its role as the world’s largest manufacturer of low-environmental impact engines, and leveraging more than 20 years of experience in the development of CNG engines, with over 60,000 units sold around the world, FPT Industrial is now at the cutting edge in the use of natural gas technology for off-road applications, with customized solutions specifically designed for agricultural machinery.

In terms of power output (up to 130 kW at 1,800 rpm) and torque (740 Nm at 1,500 rpm), and with the same maintenance intervals (oil changes every 600 hours), the N67 NG in the T6 Methane Power offers performance equivalent to the diesel version in terms of power output, torque, service life and maintenance intervals, guaranteeing the end customer the same level of efficiency and performance in the field.

Under real operating conditions, CO2 emissions were reduced by at least 10% compared to those from traditional diesel engines, and come close to achieving net-zero with the use of biomethane. Moreover, polluting emissions were reduced by an average of 80% compared to those from traditional diesel engines.

Of all pretenders to the title of “Tractor of the Year” 2022 in the three categories, around a third were equipped with FPT Industrial engines, confirming the trust that the brand leaders in the tractor sector place in FPT Industrial for the most demanding applications.

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