October 18, 2021


Protecting the environment is an art! FPT industrial partners with Artissima in sponsoring the 2nd edition of the FPT for Sustainable Arts Award

FPT Industrial renews and consolidates its commitment to contemporary art and sustainability by partnering with Artissima, Italy’s top contemporary art show, in sponsoring the second edition of the FPT for Sustainable Arts Award.

After the first edition, won by the work “Mare” [“Sea”] by Renato Leotta, subsequently purchased by FPT, the 2021 Award takes an even stronger stance on the protection of the sea by seeking to select the artist whose artistic expression and work are the outcome of a positive, sustainable conceptual and production chain, with a focus above all on the marine environment.

At the announcement of the second edition of the FPT for Sustainable Arts Award Carlo Moroni, Head of Communication at FPT Industrial, stated: “With the second edition of our Award we intend to reinforce our commitment to the sustainability of production processes, and to do so in our own way. We aim to use a fresh point of view – that of Art – and bring this commitment to the awareness of a new audience, concerned about the planet’s problems but still needing to be reminded that it is not enough for the product itself to be ‘green’; the process that produced it must be, too.”

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