June 30, 2021


All the power and sustainability of FPT Industrial engines for the new DAILY and IVECO S-WAY

Via a twin live digital launch event, IVECO has presented the new DAILY and IVECO S-WAY, vehicles destined to play a key role in light and heavy goods transport.
Especially thanks to their FPT Industrial engines.
Live streamed on the IVECO Live Channel digital platform, the launch was a true virtual show, located on a film set designed and built specifically for this occasion. The leitmotiv of the entire event was customer-focus, highlighted by the smart vocation of both the new DAILY and the new IVECO S-WAY, vehicles that raise connectivity and sustainability to the next level.
Thanks to its new propulsion units, the 2.3 liter F1A with power output from 116 to 156 HP (available with light duty and heavy duty homologation) and the 3.0 liter F1C with power output from 160 HP to 207 HP, the New Daily is currently the only vehicle to offer two engines optimized to guarantee the best performances and total sustainability on every mission. The 2.3 liter F1A engine pares down fuel use even further, with a saving of up to 6% over the previous model in the WLTP cycle, while the 3.0 liter CNG version delivers high power output and instant response thanks to its 136 HP and its torque of 350 Nm.
Both diesel engines comply with the Euro 6-D Final and Euro VI-E standards, achieving Conformity Factor 1 (CF=1) well ahead of the regulatory deadline. This means that they will comply with emissions limits in real conditions throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. What’s more, they feature a dual SCR after-treatment system, completely redesigned to occupy the same space as on previous models so there is no impact on the vehicle’s equipment and all the Daily’s legendary versatility is conserved.
The new 6-speed manual gearbox is designed to guarantee an exceptionally comfortable driving experience, with best-in-class shifting and precision. The new gearbox will also help to cut the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In fact, the 2.3 liter engine can be combined with the same clutch as the 3.0 liter version, for greater ruggedness on the toughest missions and an up to 18% extension of the component’s service life. No gearbox fluid changes are required with the new unit, since the interval has been extended to 350,000 km, contributing to a 4% reduction in maintenance and repair costs.

High productivity with real fuel efficiency and an optimized total cost of ownership are the key characteristics of the new IVECO S-WAY, the ideal vehicle for long-distance missions and the perfect business solution for fleets, thanks to improved performances and reduced fuel use: up to 3% less.
The range of FPT Industrial engines for the new IVECO S-WAY complies with the Euro VI-E emissions standard and is 100% homologated for second generation biodiesel fuels such as HVO. The Cursor 13 range has been extended with the addition of two new power levels: 490 and 530 HP. The efficiency of the Cursor 11 and Cursor 13 engines has been optimized thanks to higher compression ratios and a new fuel management strategy. The 13 liter engines have been combined with new, high efficiency single reduction rear axles (available with standard profile tires), with axle ratios of up to 2.31:1. This enables impressive down-speeding, and thus greater efficiency on long journeys at constant speed, making the new pivot model, the 490 HP Cursor 13, a real TCO champion, unbeatable in total cost of ownership on long-distance haulage.
The compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) versions of the IVECO S-WAY now include new intelligent auxiliary systems, such as the air compressor with clutch and the variable flow steering pump, which further increase fuel efficiency.
The engine’s optimizations and the new features which the natural gas models share with the diesel versions, together with the new intelligent auxiliary systems, provide additional reductions in CO2 emissions. All this makes the natural gas IVECO S-WAY truck absolutely the most sustainable long-distance haulage vehicle.

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