May 6, 2021

Marine Virtual Experience: FPT launches a new engine and presents Keel Cooling

In a global digital launch, FPT Industrial presented its completed range of marine engines for commercial and leisure applications. The engines have been developed to meet the requirements of the widest number of end customers, and were presented alongside cooling technology aimed at those operating in difficult waters.
The focus of the spectacular digital event was the presentation of the new C90 170 Stage V, designed for the most demanding of tasks and equipped with a fuel map so highly optimized that it does not require a urea-based after-treatment system. The other highlight was the launch of Keel Cooling technology, which is integrated into the keel and designed to simplify life for engines and customers operating in low water with significant levels of sand, mud, algae and debris.
The launch marks the completion of an FPT Industrial range now comprising eight models with power outputs from 85 to 1,000 hp. The range covers virtually all modern marine commercial and leisure applications, offering solutions that are powerful, reliable, highly efficient and versatile – and always sustainable.
Ferries, cargo ships, floating equipment vessels, tugboats, trawlers and dredgers operating in European rivers and lakes – as well as in urban environments and protected areas – are among the main targets for the new C90 170 Stage V engine. As a result of its all-round fuel map optimization process, the motor is able to dispense with an after-treatment system for exhaust gases.
That means fully 30% fewer polluting emissions than the previous model, with TCO cut again: more power (170 hp at 2,000 rpm and 1,105 Nm torque at 1,000 rpm), better efficiency and further cost reductions. In addition, a special system prevents the combustion of valve lubrication oil. This boosts overall performance, including from an environmental perspective, with the amount of visible smoke substantially reduced.
This was not the only big innovation; also presented was the new keel-integrated Keel Cooling System. In order to avoid continual obstructions to the cooling circuit, a significant part of the engine is placed in direct contact with the water. Implemented on the N40 250 E, N67 450 N and N67 570 EVO models via a complete rethink of the entire layout, this simple and highly effective system cools the engine by using water in the same way that a car engine uses air. It is ideal for those working in shallow, muddy or sandy waters who want to avoid operating issues and cut their costs.
FPT Industrial engines equipped with this technology are therefore the top choice for small tugboats, barges and commercial fishing boats, as well as for high-performance sport fishing boats, which are popular in the United States.
The Marine Virtual Experience event came to a surprising and spectacular close with the screening of the Cursor X Marine video, which provided a further outing for FTP Industrial’s future engine concept. In this new adventure it features as a hydrogen-powered engine with a water jet system equipping a futuristic racing powerboat, which is even capable of silently cruising around a protected natural area with no emissions.
This idea was designed to incorporate and fully showcase the two engines, which are visible through the exclusive transparent hull. The styling reflects the technology within. Our designers have created a futuristic vessel, balancing style with technology, and a hinged windscreen which reveals the ‘Red Horizon’ instrumentation system,” explains Davide Wilkie, director of the CNH Industrial Design Center.

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