May 6, 2021

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3 new Cursors gear up for China’s new emission rules

Presented by FPT Industrial and SFH on 20 April in Shanghai and featuring two innovative and exclusive technologies, the new Cursor 9, Cursor 11 and Cursor 13 already comply with the GBVI emission standard that comes into force in China from 1 July 2021.
The three new engines took center stage at the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, one of the most prestigious showcases for global road transport. The engines, which were presented during a spectacular press conference entitled “Extraordinary FPT technology, keep innovating”, are designed for heavy-duty applications. Their innovative features, tailor made for what customers really need, epitomize both FPT Industrial’s technological excellence in efficient and sustainable engines and the “long march” that has seen SFH introduce all of FPT’s innovations to China in record timeframes, to the extent that it has also become a production hub for export.
The new GBVI-compliant Cursor 9, Cursor 11 and Cursor 13, all featuring the exclusive and multi-patented FPT Industrial HI-eSCR technology, introduce for the first time to the Chinese market two new technology solutions developed in Europe. They are designed not only to boost performance while reducing emissions, but also to increase the competitive advantage FPT Industrial engines already have over the rest of the field.
The first of these is the Ti-V (Titanium – Vanadium) after-treatment system. This allows customers to avoid forced DPF regenerations and save fuel, which, with EGR systems, has to be injected in the DPF to regenerate it. They no longer even need the forced regeneration command on the console. And the result? Increased and uninterrupted operation, greater efficiency plus improved ease of use and vehicle management. The technology also allows low-quality fuels to be used with no negative consequences, and has increased DPF maintenance intervals to 450,000 kilometers – fully 50% more than the competition.
The second technology presented at Shanghai was the e-VGT – Electronic Variable Geometry Turbocharger – which is used on the new Cursor 13 GBVI. Perfect for trucks with GVW of more than 16 tonnes, this technology brings the engine’s best transient response into play – developing torque of up to 2,500 Nm as low as at 950 rpm, providing clear benefits in terms of responsiveness and acceleration, particularly in demanding conditions. The e-VGT combines perfectly with automatic transmissions and increases engine brake efficiency by fully 60%, reducing brake wear and boosting driving safety as a result.
Here are the specifications of the new GBVI Cursors in brief.
Cursor 9
Features a redesigned turbocharger, developed for lower rear axle speeds and optimized for functioning at high altitudes. The perfect choice for vehicles working in the construction sector.
Cursor 11
Features two different turbochargers, one for tippers and the other for road tractors. Tractors can reach up to 2,100 Nm of torque from just 950 rpm, while tippers experience no derating at up to 3,000 meters of altitude. This engine is the perfect choice for long-haul transport.
Cursor 13
Thanks to e-VGT technology maximum torque can be reached in a very wide engine speed range (from 950 to 1,600 rpm), thereby reducing the number of gear shifts, increasing acceleration response at low speeds by 100% and boosting engine braking efficiency by 60%. The ideal solution for transporting goods with maximum efficiency.

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