April 1, 2021



10 thousand times power, performance, reliability and sustainability. These are the numbers of the 10 thousand Cursor 13 NG engines in the Bourbon-Lancy plant, in France, celebrated on March 9, precisely on the day the ten-thousandth unit came off the production line. Presented for the first time in Turin in October 2017, the Cursor 13 NG, currently the most powerful natural gas market for the on-road segment and the only one developed specifically for long-range heavy transport, was able to convince even those most skeptical of gas-powered engines in just over three years, achieving increasing popularity and record sales.Naturally, almost all the credit for the exceptional milestone goes to the Bourbon-Lancy plant in Burgundy, which skilfully employed the technological excellence of FPT Industrial in its natural gas powertrain, confirmed by more than 55,000 methane engines sold in the last 25 years, earning the title of “home” to Cursor engines. Founded in 1902, the Bourbon-Lancy plant began manufacturing Cursor engines in 1998 and now “churns out” no fewer than 7 models: C8, C9, C10, C11, C13 and C16 for on-road, off-road, marine and power generation applications, with a total of 77 technical types and an incredible 5,700 available options. With 1,300 employees, the plant is the largest employer in the region. But, let's get back to the Cursor 13 NG and it’s outstanding performance. Power up to 460HP @ 1,900 rpm. Torque up to 2,000 Nm @ 1,100 rpm. Fueled 100% by compressed or liquid natural gas, but also by bio-methane, an alternative the reduces CO2 emissions to practically zero. Furthermore, stoichiometric combustion that allows it to comply with the Euro VI Step C regulation using a simple 3-way catalytic converter, therefore without EGR, without SCR and without DPF. And, as if that weren't enough, the engine is also extremely quiet with a sound emission level of just 71dB. The Bourbon-Lancy employees are undoubtedly the creators of this masterpiece of technology and sustainability, and of its production record. But this super expert and incredibly tight-knit and efficient team was also able to count on the help of a new team of truly special coworkers. They are called Sherpa and they are the new mobile, smart and collaborative robots that work at the plant. Manufactured by Sherpa Mobile Robotics, they have the task, somewhat like their Nepalese “colleagues” of the same name, of shouldering the heaviest transport duties in the plant, significantly lightening the workload for the employees, improving production flows and increasing flexibility along the entire production line, since they are able to operate freely in all the stations. The SHERPA-B models that work at Bourbon-Lancy are in charge of container transport, but they can also act as a temporary platform for some assembly operations.
Extremely agile because of their reduced dimensions and able to transport up to 200 kg (440 lbs), they have a top speed of 7 km/h (4.35 mph). Their primary task is to restock the various work solutions in complete safety, eliminating the risks that come with manual handling of heavy components and increasing each employee's concentration. “10 thousand Cursor 13 units is an incredible number”, said plant manager, Luc Bernardini, “but it is also confirmation of our team's excellence and the clear superiority of our products. Products that are helping thousands of customers make a safe, efficient and productive energy transition.

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