March 2, 2021


Giorgio Moroder, the three-time Academy Award winning Maestro, premiered his extremely special electric-electronic remix of “Preludio”, the sound of the future created as the soundtrack for FPT Industrial engines.
Providing the stage for this highly anticipated premiere, presented by Moroder in flesh, blood and sunglasses, was the fourth day of Electric Days, the first entirely digital event dedicated to the electrification of transport vehicles, held from 8 to 12 February 2021 and organized by Motorsport Network in collaboration with Wired, GQ and Vanity Fair. FPT Industrial was the only industrial engine manufacturer, in the company of a “parterre de rois” featuring all the elite global car manufacturers, along with important energy and technology companies.
To listen to Preludio Remix click here.
Compared to the first version, presented at CES in Las Vegas in January 2020, this super danceable remix “freeze-dries”the most ’80s-style dance atmospheres with an even cooler revisitation of harmonies and instrumentation and the essential, simple but ingenious Moroder touch, also introducing a special, hypnotic buzz that immediately brings to mind the sound of silence of new electric engines.
That's right! With Preludio Remix, the great Moroder, with the collusion of FPT Industrial, shows us not only how to move on the dance floor (for now, within the confines of our own homes), but also how to move on the road in a way that is cleaner and more sustainable, but still electrifying.
Being able to imagine the sound of energy transition toward zero-emissions mobility was an exciting adventure that I shared with my friends at FPT Industrial and that I can't wait to share with the whole world”, said Giorgio Moroder. “I have always had a great passion for innovation: in the ’70s I was one of the first to introduce the synthesizer to the world of pop music and in the ’80s I was one of the first to do digital recording. Working on the sound of the engine of the future gave me the chance to think about how much the concept of innovation goes hand in hand with that of humanization, and I represented that in Preludio Remix: I used the synthesizer, but also strings, trumpet and percussion, and the result is a perfect mix.

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