December 23, 2020



Big changes often begin with small steps. And these small steps are precisely what can have a substantial and decisive impact at both a local and global level. When the challenge is getting people to believe in the possibility of producing and consuming resources – whether fuel, energy or food – in a more responsible and sustainable way, convincing them one at a time is undoubtedly the best method.
In agreement, and having already implemented this approach, FPT Industrial has launched a partnership with Slow Food, the international organization founded in 1989 which involves millions of people in more than 160 countries and which works to guarantee good, clean and proper food for all to support two local communities - one in Italy and one in France. These communities produce food based on environmental and economic sustainability criteria, in order to streamline and accelerate their path toward change.
The two communities selected by FPT Industrial and Slow Food include the ones made up of the Italian cooperatives Valdibella and NoE in Sicily and prud’homie of La Seyne-sur-Mer in the French department of the Var. The Valdibella cooperative handles the production and transformation of organic foods, focusing on the cultivation of ancient and local varieties, and they adopt a sustainable farming approach through cultural conservation methods intended to preserve the natural fertility of the soil. The NoE (No Exclusion) cooperative was founded to favor social integration of disabled people. In 1998, the Municipality of Partinico entrusted the cooperative with a fund confiscated from the Mafia, subsequently converted into land for organic farming of olives, vegetables and grains. FPT Industrial and Slow Food will support the two cooperatives in their projects for the purpose of creating an “edible forest” capable of reproducing the natural ecosystem and diversifying food production with respect for the countryside, guaranteeing high quality organic food for all at an accessible price.
Prud’homie of La Seyne-sur-Mer is one of the 33 fishing cooperatives along the French Mediterranean coast. These cooperatives have their origins in the ancient medieval guilds and have managed marine resources in France for over 10 centuries. About twenty fishermen, some of which using boats with FPT Industrial engines, conduct sustainable fishing operations and pass down their traditions to younger generations through the strengthening of the local supply chain. With the support of FPT Industrial and Slow Food, the community will be able to modernize its infrastructures, particularly those dedicated to maintaining the cold chain and improving fishery management, as well as creating new jobs.
For FPT Industrial, these two projects represent a great opportunity to promote the brand and the product range, also in reference to the initiatives for sustainability.
The close proximity of the fields of action of these two communities with two of our core businesses - agricultural and marine engines”, said Egle Panzella, FPT Industrial's Brand Equity, Sustainability and Heritage manager, “was the spark that ignited the sincere enthusiasm of all those involved in this project. Having the opportunity to make a difference and support the people working to guarantee a healthier life and production system which is more balanced and sustainable is a fundamental part of FPT Industrial's DNA and overall mission. And doing so in collaboration with Slow Food is truly a privilege.”

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