July 20, 2020


SFH (SAIC Fiat Hongyan Powertrain Co Ltd), an FPT Industrial joint venture with headquarters in China, set a new monthly engine production record in its Chongqing plant. In fact, in May, the plant recorded a 6% increase in diesel engine production, beating the previous record that had be set in April. All despite the challenges and limitations imposed by the post-Covid-19 phase.
The exceptional production increase recorded in April and May is a reflection, not only of the plant's strategic position and its responsiveness to the critical situation generated by the pandemic, but also of the popularity that SFH engine performance has gained on a global level.
Four header production lines and two assembly lines are active in the Chongqing plant. The header lines boast machinery capable of manufacturing components 24/7, which have proven to be fundamental in repeatedly breaking production records. SFH can also rely on the exceptional contribution guaranteed by FPT Industrial in terms of innovation and technical capabilities. A contribution that has allowed the joint venture to easily meet the consistently growing demand for high quality and low emission engines.

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