March 17, 2020



Conexpo,the largest construction gathering in North America, FPT Industrialis launching an efficient and sustainable solution that is already aprizewinner. Unveiled last November, the productive F28focused on compact agriculture machines gained a Diesel-electrichybrid version, was electedDieselof the Year®, and is now available for the construction market.
The 2.8-liter hybrid engine marks another step inthe Brand’s vision for the powertrains of the future. The F28Hybrid, paired with an e-flywheel,delivers the ideal performance forlightconstruction machines such as skidsteer loaders, drum rollers and backhoe loaders.
The F28 has a multi-power and modular approach,because it operates as a Diesel, NaturalGas and hybrid electric powertrain. Itreinforces FPT Industrial’s commitment toalternativepropulsion and its versatile design andlow total cost of ownership enable its application in differentcompact off-road vehicles and machines.
Precisely because of its combination of sustainability, modularity and efficiency, the F28 was elected Dieselof the Year®, an award whichrecognizes the best innovation in the development and manufacturingof diesel engines in industrial and automotive applications. FPTIndustrial is the only powertrain manufacturer to have received thisaward three times.

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