January 23, 2020

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The sound of the future has finally been unveiled. Every time end users turn on any vehicle or application powered by the next generation of FPT Industrial engines, this is what they will hear:

Preludio sound


This unique music, called Preludio, was played publicly for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the beginning of January in Las Vegas, with the presence of the father of disco music himself, Giorgio Moroder. The legendary composer, 3-time Oscar winner, is the mind behind Preludio (download the song here).
This was the first project of this kind launched by a powertrain manufacturer. By definition, Preludio (Prelude) is a short piece of music, usually an introduction. For FPT Industrial, it cues the performance of its cutting-edge solutions. In addition to becoming a turn-key sound in the vehicles equipped with our future engines, Preludio is a signature sound logo that will be integrated into the Brand’s identity.
“FPT loves to experiment, so do I. Instead of asking me to use one of my hits, they challenged me to do something new”, said Giorgio Moroder. “I love to think that Preludio is going to be played over and over, million times, so it becomes an everyday gesture.”
In only a few seconds, Giorgio was able to create a melody that represents FPT Industrial’s innovative work and merges a futuristic idea with the artist’s own style, which reminds listeners of his music from the 80’s. The first notes initiate a commercial song, a promising hit also composed by Giorgio.
The full-length track can be found in a special Spotify playlist, along with a selection of songs from the artist’s career and five podcast episodes that detail the collaboration between the FPT Industrial team and Giorgio Moroder. 
Don’t’ miss the videos that show Giorgio’s visit to our R&D Center in Arbon, Switzerland, and his creative process when working o Preludio at his studio.



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