January 23, 2020


Although the unveiling of how engines will sound in the future was FPT Industrial’s main attraction at CES, the Brand showcased its vision of how powertrains will operate and look like with its Cursor X Power Source concept.

Representing the Brand’s innovative nature and commitment to the environment, Cursor X is represented by four M’s that summarize its characteristics. It is Multi-power, because it can be powered by natural gas, hydrogen or electric batteries; Modular, because it is easy to install and offers quick maintenance; Multi-application, since it can adapt to any vehicle and mission; and Mindful, because of its capability to self-learn, predict and program its own maintenance. Visitors at our CES stand got to learn about each of these features listening to the podcasts recorded with our team of experts and Giorgio Moroder. The entertaining episodes explain, for example, how Cursor X multi-power feature works like notes and melodies, how a modular approach to design and sound can generate new ideas, and even what the powertrain algorithms have in common with a musician’s brain.

Be sure not to miss the podcast episodes available on Spotify. You can find them directly on Spotify’s app by searching the playlist “The Sound of The Future”.

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