November 29, 2019


In the fast-paced powertrain industry, being a game changer is a must for FPT Industrial. With its sister brand STEYR, FPT developed a new hybrid tractor concept, leading agriculture towards an intelligent and greener future.
The challenge was to come up with a wholly new propulsion concept focused on efficiency, performance, productivity and sustainability, providing high torque peaks during specific missions of the tractor. FPT’s solution consisted of a serial hybrid architecture with a compact 4.5-liter 4-cylinder engine working at optimal speed to charge batteries. Traction is then provided by four independent electric motors installed in the wheel hubs.
This architecture results in optimized efficiency, advantages in fuel consumption and CO2 reduction, allowing also a pure electric drive mode for zero-emission and low-noise operations. The independent wheel motors provide superior traction control, enable energy recovery when braking, and reduce brake and tire wear. The STEYR concept delivers peak power of 250 kW in hybrid boosting mode.
Selin Tur, Head of E-Powertrain for FPT Industrial, presented the new concept at Agritechnica: “The powertrain architecture FPT designed for the STEYR hybrid tractor concept is flexible and customizable. It has been developed based on a long-term product vision to be future-proof and to contribute to the sustainable agriculture of tomorrow.
Read our press release for more information on the STEYR hybrid tractor concept.

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