October 25, 2019


In October 2019, we are inaugurating a three-year partnership with Eataly to promote an agriculture we are proud of. On one side, FPT Industrial engines put quality, sustainability and environmental responsibility as priorities for the production and sharing of healthy and high-quality food. On the other side, these values are also at the root of Eataly’s mission.
Building on the compatibility of this collaboration, we have begun to tell the story of the food chain engine at the Eataly Smeraldo store in Milan, where a special grape-themed framework was set up to accommodate Cursor X, FPT’s engine concept designed for a sustainable agriculture. Cursor X was studied to be: Multi-power, because it can be powered by natural gas, electric batteries or hydrogen; Modular, because it is easy to install and offers quick maintenance; Multi-application, i.e. adapted to any vehicle and mission; Mindful, i.e. capable of self-learning, predicting and programming its own maintenance.
During the whole month of October, starting from Cursor X, visitors at Eataly Smeraldo are guided through four thematic areas dedicated to typical products of Italian cuisine: wine, pasta, tomatoes and cheese. Today, 40% of the wheat and 80% of the wine grapes in the world are harvested thanks to machines powered by FPT Industrial.
Throughout our history, we followed the changes of agriculture, developing advanced engines for less pollutant emissions, which are produced in plants that tend to the environment with energy, water, material and residue savings, and that can also work with alternative fuels. We are proud to walk towards a sustainable agriculture, producing engines dedicated to the earth, man and their roots.
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