October 4, 2019


The advance of technology and connectivity does not impact only the world of cars and trucks. Imagine a connected yacht, navigating smoothly through a beautiful sea, with all smart controls at the palm of your hands – this idea is not far from reality. That’s because FPT Industrial presented Red Horizon, its integrated marine control system, at the 2019 edition of the Cannes Yachting Festival.
With Red Horizon, FPT combined the most leading-edge marine technologies in terms of engine, monitoring and control systems, working with global companies ZF and Navico (Simrad). “With the marine propulsion of the future in mind, the goal of Red Horizon is to ensure full navigation control and safety, best driving comfort, easy handling and harboring”, said Fabio Rigon, FPT Industrial Vice-President, Europe.
The integrated system will be offered as a premium set of features paired with any top engine from FPT’s Cursor and NEF families, with screen and control configuration tailored to customer needs. ZF equips Red Horizon with the electronic and maneuvering system controls, while Navico provides small displays for engine monitoring (7, 9 or 12-inch sizes) and a 16-inch Multi-Function Display that offers ultra-wide viewing angles and intuitive touchscreen controls.
In Cannes, Red Horizon was presented as a complete bridge designed by the CNH Industrial Design Center. The team took inspiration from the automotive world, luxury villas and vintage Italian boats, with the goal to create a functional, comfortable, yet elegant and minimalistic environment.

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