October 4, 2019


Imagine a girl surfing aboard an engine as though she were riding a wave, and colorful parrots surrounding another engine in the middle of a jungle. These surreal visions became actual images of FPT Industrial products created by Toiletpaper, project formed by the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari.
The partnership with Toiletpaper highlights two of the most advanced engines of FPT Industrial: the C16 1000 marine engine, which powered the fastest Diesel boat in the world, achieving a Guinness World Record; and the Cursor 13 NG, the Brand’s most powerful Natural Gas engine.
Through their unconventional vision, Cattelan and Ferrari brought FPT engines to life, capturing their soul and making them part of their creative world. “This collaboration not only represents the strong link between FPT Industrial and art, but it is another step of our communication strategy, which is guiding our Brand through a humanization path, further connecting our values with customers and partners”, explained Carlo Moroni, Head of Brand Communication at FPT Industrial.
The photographs created by Toiletpaper became also a unique capsule collection from the Italian brand Seletti, which transformed them into armchairs, cushions and other design objects. The cushions from the collection could be seen at the Cannes Yachting Festival and will be for sale at FPT Industrial’s online store in the end of September.