July 31, 2019


For FPT Industrial, Venice represents a perfect link between oceans and men and the city has been home to different activities the Brand has promoted recently. The last one was Venice Boat Show, an occasion where FPT successfully gathered its technical expertise, commitment to sustainability and art.
With its bright red color, the Brand’s stand had the spotlight of the fair in terms of marine engines. There were four models exposed: C16 1000, C9 650, N67 570 EVO and N40 E.
The most powerful engine of the portfolio, C16 1000, delivers 1,000 hp and is known for powering the fastest Diesel powerboat in the world, certified by the Guinness World Records. Delivering power of 570 hp and torque of 1,551 Nm, N67 570 EVO is also a record engine, having ensured FPT’s win in prestigious European competitions, such as the Cork-Fastnet-Cork route in 2018.
C9 650 is an 8.7-liter engine with maximum power of 650 hp and stands out for its reduced environmental impact, reduced consumption and high navigation comfort. This engine today powers the famous ferries of the public transport in Venice.

Finally, N40 E is a 3.9-liter engine delivering up to 250 hp and compliant with the most stringent European emission standard for inland waterway (IWV Stage V) for the power ratings of 170, 150, 100, 85 hp at 2,800 rpm. At the show, the engine got enhanced sustainability from a hybrid module of Transfluid, which offers the flexibility of running both on Diesel and on electric batteries.
In front of FPT’s stand, visitors could also see the installation of American artist Christian Holstad, which is a four-meter-high Cornucopia made entirely of plastic. The artwork was inspired by the constant news about the increasing pollution of the seas and oceans and was supported by FPT Industrial as one of its sustainability projects.

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