July 31, 2019


A lot is said about innovation, but few are the ones who genuinely incorporate it. One of the biggest projects that FPT Industrial is working on is in collaboration with a true innovator: Giorgio Moroder, a pioneer of the music industry.
This partnership began with a memorable concert of Giorgio Moroder during the week of Bauma in Munich, where the artist also recorded an exclusive interview. He talked, for instance, about his connection to the city, where he worked with many top performers in his studio, such as The Rolling Stones, Freddie Mercury, Led Zeppelin, Elton John and Donna Summer.
To this day, people still listen and dance to Giorgio’s hits, proving the greatness of his work. Aside from his passion for engines, he also explained in the interview why he accepted FPT’s invitation to be part of this special project.
The link between him and FPT Industrial extends to their values and visions. With the synthesizer, Moroder was told he had found the sound of the future. And FPT worked on power sources of the future. Let’s see how this partnership will unfold. Be sure to check out the full interview and stay tuned on FPT Industrial digital channels to follow the Brand and Giorgio’s next steps!

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