June 6, 2019


Recently, FPT Industrial signed a cooperation agreement for the development of biomethane in the transport sector in Italy. The collaboration also involves other two brands of CNH Industrial, IVECO and New Holland Agriculture, Confagricoltura (the Italian General Confederation of Agriculture), CIB (the Italian Biogas Consortium), and the gas infrastructure companies ENI and Snam.
This further reinforces FPT Industrial’s efforts towards a green future. Leading the powertrain sector in the midst of industry changes, the Brand relies on Natural Gas as the immediate solution that is both sustainable and cost-effective.
Today, FPT Industrial is the leading European manufacturer of Natural Gas engines for industrial vehicles and applications, with 45,000 Natural Gas engines produced and more than 20 years of experience in the development and use of this technology.
The Brand has the broadest Natural Gas engine lineup available in the market, which includes the most powerful 100% NG engine for industrial vehicles, the Cursor 13 NG. Comparing it to a Diesel engine with the same power, Cursor 13 NG emits 98% less Particulate Matter and almost eliminate CO2 emissions if fueled with biomethane.

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