May 7, 2019


After partnering with Fincantieri, worldwide leader in shipbuilding, FPT Industrial put one of its engines to the test, proving that it has the best technologies in the marine segment. Together with Fincantieri, the Brand performed a successful capsize test with Cursor 9, which is derived from a winning engine characterized by endurance and speed records.

The test ensured that the engine does not stop working even when in capsize position, which means it can perform even in extreme sea conditions. This is ideal for the collaboration of FPT Industrial and Fincantieri, focused on a military project. Their goal is to create a tailor-made engine for rescue applications capable of capsizing in only 30 seconds.

“Fincantieri has chosen FPT Industrial because it is a world leader engine manufacturer well known for its engine reliability and performance”, said Simone Scafetti, Technical Manager at Fincantieri Marine System North America.

FPT Industrial already produces engines for military vessels and is ready to provide Cursor 9 for the specific requests of Fincantieri, reaching a new specific power setting and increased durability of 15,000 hours. Discover more about FPT and Fincantieri’s partnership at the video above.

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