January 31, 2019


FPT Industrial is a main partner of TEDxTorino 2019, an event on February 10 which will celebrate the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, whether as a painter, sculptor, mathematician, architect, philosopher or extraordinary inventor, after 500 years of his death.
This will be the perfect occasion for FPT to present its vision of the future through its Cursor X Power Source concept. Designed for Planet Earth, the concept takes into consideration many values and abilities connected to Da Vinci, such as science, engineering, design and sustainability. In essence, Cursor X is defined by four “Ms”: Multi-power, Modular, Multi-application and Mindful.
The event, held in Turin, Italy, will welcome 14 renowned speakers who will discuss their ideas, personal experiences and unique discoveries of science, the relation between humans and machines, gender equality, urban transport, and technologies applied in different industries.
uring TEDx, participants will be able to see the real Cursor X concept, enjoy a live performance from designers of the CNH Industrial Design Center on how an engine is born, and even transport themselves to Leonardo da Vinci’s world in a special photography set.

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