December 17, 2018


For the second year in a row, FPT Industrial promotes its Tech Day, a journey completely dedicated to innovation, technologies and industry 4.0. In partnership with Wired, one of the most important worldwide magazines about emerging technologies, FPT Industrial took the stage with a roundtable which hosted international experts discussing about man/machine cooperation, smart cities and smart mobility and autonomous driving.
On November 22nd, the Brand inaugurated the Tech Day event in a fascinating and unique setting. The Turin Egyptian Museum director welcomed the guests among sarcophagus and historical artifacts, underlining how the innovation is the engine to connect past and future. The Turin Museum is the oldest Egyptian museum in the world and second in extension only to the Cairo one.
The main event was on November 23rd, when FPT Industrial and CNH Industrial presented their vision of the 4.0 Industry. This part of the presentation started with a live interview of Annalisa Stupenengo, FPT Industrial Brand President, by Federico Ferrazza, Editor in Chief of Wired magazine. The renowned international magazine was the media partner of FPT Tech Day 2018. Then - after the institutional greeting of Matej Zakonjsek, Head of Cabinet of the European Transport Commission - our vision on 4.0 technologies was presented: from R&D activities to Manufacturing processes, from Service to Product Development. In the end of this first part, FPT Industrial presented the Cursor X Power Source Concept.
Afterwards, international experts gave speeches about some of the most relevant topics of the 4.0 environment. The session started with a presentation by Christian Greco, Director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin, who offered a fascinating view of the links between past ancient roots and 4.0 future. Then, Jürgen Schmidhuber, expert in Artificial Intelligence, presented his vision on the future of this technology, while the physicist Riccardo Zecchina focused on the challenges of machine learning. Next, there was a roundtable on the topic Man/Machine cooperation involving Marco Taisch from Politecnico di Milano, Maurizio Cremonini from Comau and Mattia De Rosa from Microsoft. David Orban, lecturer and entrepreneur, closed the conference with a presentation about the future of technology and how society can embrace new changes.
Discover more about the key topics shared during the event, held in Turin on November 23rd, in the next news.

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