December 17, 2018


FPT Industrial always wants to reach new boundaries and this is what happened on November 23. A mega drone lifted a 101-kg box containing engine spare parts for more than 1 minute at almost 1.5 meter high, breaking the previous 2015 record of the Oslo University, with a drone that carried 61 kg for 30 seconds. The megadrone technologies can be used in the next future for the delivery of engine spare parts even in remote places, for “flying doctors” transport to give engine assistance when needed, and as a tool to leverage precision farming activities.
The megadrone is from Forvola and it is the first customizable megadrone in the world currently on the market. It has a power of 10 to 20 kW, can carry weights from 50 kg to about 200 kg and fly until 30 minutes or more, depending on the payload.
The megadrone can be customized in terms of size, configuration and accessories, according to the use and specific needs of the customers. Besides its flexibility, Forvola’s product is also easily manageable and cheaper than a helicopter.
Because of its capacity to generate value in different missions, Forvola was the ideal partner of FPT Industrial. Furthermore, both Forvola and FPT Industrial share common values, such as innovation, customer focus, made-in-Italy products, efficiency, productivity, and sustainable growth. FPT Industrial moves businesses on-road, off-road, power generation and marine, while Forvola takes off businesses on-road, off-road, marine and rescue.
Another record, another success!

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