December 17, 2018


In its journey to provide zero-emission offerings, FPT Industrial presented at Tech Day its electric powertrain solutions. The Brand has a great heritage in the electrification field and it was part of research projects since the 80’s together with its sister brands. At Tech Day 2018, FPT underlined the electric strategy, highlighting the possibility of having a customized solution for every specific mission thanks to electric propulsion and electric assist.

Electric propulsion​

FPT Industrial presented two solutions that consider electric power playing a direct role in vehicle propulsion - the E-Axle and the Transfer Box.
The E-Axle is a compact and flexible solution that transfers power and torque to the wheels through the gear unit, resulting in a modular concept which can be easily adapted to various vehicle layouts and weight capabilities. It can deliver power of up to 250 kW and 98% efficiency in the main working conditions.
The Transfer Box is a different solution that adds an electric power unit to the original engine, enabling the management of all propulsion modes - electric, hybrid and thermic. It is installable on existing vehicles, scalable for different vehicle modes, with a very low impact on them. It delivers 98% efficiency and a torque at wheel of 8,000 Nm.

Electric Assist

The second group of FPT Industrial’s electric strategy focuses on the support of the thermal combustion engine in all its operational modes, with the option of a mild hybrid powertrain architecture.
The thermal engine has two main extra components, the E-Flywheel and the E-Turbocharger, which recover energy that can be reused. Compared to a conventional Diesel engine, these components guarantee sustainability, performance, efficiency and fuel saving.

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