July 19, 2018


Tour visits, workshops, and a deep dive into technology. FPT Industrial welcomed its dealers to the Global Dealer Convention, June 26-28 2018, the last one being in 2013.
A lot of progresses has been made since, and the 80 international participants from 37 countries were able to discover it all in their guided tours throughout the Turin facilities and including the Testing Center, the Driveline plant and the Control Room, dedicated to real-time customer care and assistance center. Plus, various workshops were organized in order to deeply involve dealers in FPT Industrial world, and were focused on key topics like digital tools and telematics for pre-sales, engine applications, service and spare parts.
While the event was mostly held at the CNH Industrial Village in Turin, an special evening was also organized at the Spazio Hoffman, a former brick factory in Cambiano. Here, FPT Industrial discussed its technologies with the dealers, and unveiled a new brand communication strategy, focused on more quality, a continuous customer centricity, and a new red livery, that embodies the passion that has represented FPT Industrial since its origins. The dealers also had the chance to collaborate with FPT Industrial people in various games – from magic tricks to painting – that were meant to enforce each other’s trust and relationship.
In the afternoon of the last day of this three-day event, a special ceremony awarded four projects that were considered the best among various categories. Each dealer, in fact, had the chance to present a project corresponding to a specific category: during the ceremony a short list of three projects for each category was presented, and the audience voted in real time for their favorite . The projects – and corresponding dealer – winners were: Brasif Máquinas for “Best service practice”, AVT Motors for “Best new customer conquest”, AS Labruna for “Best brand advertising / marketing initiative”, and Lees Group for “Best customer relationship management”.

Discover the highlights of the event with this video.

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