May 18, 2018


In 2020, ​​36 buses will have an emission level equal to that of 1 bus from 2007. China is ready to embrace GB VI legislation, as well as FPT Industrial. The end of April was, in fact, a particularly exciting time for FPT Industrial that not only participated in Intermat, in Paris, but also in the 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. On this occasion, FPT Industrialexhibited the Cursor 9 GBVI engine, the Cursor 11 GBVI engine, the Cursor 13 GBVI engine, the ATS solution and even the Cursor 9 Natural Gas, all effective solutions that mix performance and GBVI emission compliance. Therefore, FPT Industrial developed a complete range of products, that were also discussed and explained during the Auto China show, focusing on their power range – going from 150hp to 560hp –, their HI-eSCR after-treatment system and the extent of GBVI engine offer, which covers five models and two family engines, the F1 and the Cursor. A best-selling engine family – the F1 – comes together with an award-winning engine family – the Cursor –to offer great features: the Cursor engines, in particular, provide a simple injection system and a smaller pack that contribute to lower maintenance costs, that are up to less than 46%.

China has been working on lowering its emission levels for years: besides the implementation of GB VI, in fact, some companies decided to rely on a different technology to enhance this effort: Natural Gas. In the past years, FPT Industrial delivered thousands of Natural Gas engines to China, providing an efficient product that combines power and lower pollutions. FPT Industrial Natural Gas engines equalize Diesel ones in terms of performance, and can reach near zero CO2 emissions when using biomethane. In addition, the F1C Natural Gas engine, for example, can be coupled with a serial hybrid system, providing fuel and CO2 reduction up to 30% (compared to Diesel), and can power buses up to 12-meters long, being also able to switch to a ​100% electric mode for the areas demanding zero emission vehicles.


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