March 26, 2018


From March 6th to 8th, Dubai hosted its annual fair dedicated to the Power Industry – Middle East Electricity – which celebrated its 43rd anniversary this year. FPT Industrial was there, not just with its own booth but also through its OEMs, covering the 41% of the overall OEMs exhibiting, a number which underlines FPT Industrial leadership in the field.
On show, FPT Industrial brought the most representative technologies of its Power Generation line-up, including the world preview of a Stage V , being the first manufacturer to do so. FPT Industrial, in fact, exhibited the N67 200 kVA Stage V installed on a genset frame, with the same dimensions as a current Unregulated/Stage IIIA model. This engine, which could be experienced even through an Augmented Reality experience, uses FPT Industrial patented HI-eSCR2 technology and provides best-in-class uptime, requiring an easy installation since the after-treatment pack is pre-assembled. Moreover, being EGR-free doesn’t require additional cooling nor maintenance when compared to the Brand’s current Unregulated/Stage IIIA products, and it is extremely flexible since it can be installed both horizontally and vertically, front and top engine mounted.
Besides the Stage V application, FPT Industrial showcased its whole line-up of products, covering a range from 30 kVA to 600 kVA that allows to answer any need. The S8000, for example, is perfect for prime power and emergency solutions, thanks to the combination of an high power output – 30 kVA in a 2.9 liters displacement – and a low cost of ownership, being also best-in-class for maintenance intervals which are up to 600 hours. From the renowned NEF family, instead, FPT Industrial proposed the N67 250 kVA, a best-in-class for G-Drive packaging, load acceptance and fuel consumption. The N67 can also operate in the most severe conditions, in temperatures up to 57° and includes a switch-ability pack that allows for a range from 50 Hz to 60 Hz. This pack is also mounted on the Cursor 9 300 kVA, which is best-in-class for oil service intervals (up to 600 hours) and width (2% less than the competitors’ average). The peculiarity lies on the small oil system capacity of 28 liters, a 10% less than the competition. This, together with an high performance Common Rail injection system, also delivers a lower Total Cost of Ownership. The engine with the highest power range is the Cursor 16 600 kVA, which is based on the award-winning architecture of the Cursor 16 and provides up to 578 kW, delivering the power of an 18-liter engine within the package of a 13-liter. The Cursor 16 has also best-in-class results with concerns to reduced fuel consumption, service intervals and noise, being also the most compact G-drive on the market since it integrates a 600 kVA within the packaging of a 400 kVA.

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