December 27, 2017


TATA Daewoo and FPT Industrial together for an event characterized by the excellence of fuel consumption. This is the summary of the November, 17th when in the Incheon Area, a Korean city with almost 3 millions inhabitants near to Seoul.
Here, several (20) vehicles equipped with both FPT Industrial Cursor 9 and Cursor 11 Euro VI compliant, have test the fuel consumption on a the track all-day long. Every truck has covered 100 km.
And the results were more than positive. Not only the effective fuel consumption (with an average of 5,39 Km/l), but the drivers also gave positive feedback regarding the use of the new engines. They said “trust has been further improved after installing Euro VI FPT Industrial engine”.
The best performance was: 6.02 km/l, the second: 5.87 km/l and the third: 5.39 km/l. This is only one step in the direction of collaboration (already existing) between TATA Daewoo and FPT Industrial, which will lead to an improvement of the brand awareness on the Korean market and an expansion of the promotion of engine excellence.

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