January 1, 1


The Off-Road segment has just been through a great season of unveilings. In Hannover, during Agritechnica, FPT Industrial showcased its new products specially designed for Agriculture applications. With Stage V emission regulations coming closer, FPT Industrial presented its best products compliant with the new standards, granting power and efficiency.
For the first time, FPT Industrial globally exposed its new NEF Series engines. The N45 and N67 engines have been completely redesigned from their previous versions in order to get increased performance, which are now up to 204 hp on the N45 (+15%) and up to 354 hp on the N67 (+13%). As a result, these engines deliver the best best-in-class power and torque density, up to 15% more than competitors’ average in the 6 liters range.
The N45 and N67 engines also adopt FPT Industrial’s patented HI-eSCR2 technology, which complies with Stage V regulations and ensures doubled service intervals as the previous models, which are now up to 1,200 hours.
Together, there was also the NEF Series solution for those who want to reduce emissions even more. The new NEF 6 Cylinder Natural Gas, in fact, grants the same performance of a Diesel and a massive decrease of pollutants: CO2 emissions are reduced by a minimum of 10% when compared to a standard Diesel tractor, and become nearly zero when using biomethane. The savings are also on the costs, which are 10-30% lower than Diesel thanks to an optimized combustion which also leads to a noise reduction.
The urge of a compact solution is, instead, solved by the new F36 Stage V engine, which is specifically developed for mid-range tractors and ideal for vehicles that need maximum visibility and maneuverability. The F36 has been redesigned and now features an increased displacement – without changes in external dimensions -, a new turbocharger, an optimized piston design and higher performance, with a maximize power output up to 143 hp and torque up to 600 Nm, thus resulting in achieving best-in-class results.
Agritechnica was also the right occasion to showcase other two FPT Industrial innovations. The first one made its debut on the European market after its first unveiling at Conexpo: the V20 Stage V engine. This top-of-the-range FPT Industrial engine has a 20 liters displacement and it provides what it promises: power without compromise. It’s best-in-class for power-to-weight ratio (13% more than V12 cylinder competitors’ average), and for compactness in its category whilst it delivers a maximum power of up to 910 hp @ 1,800 rpm and maximum torque of up to 4,100 Nm @ 1,500 rpm.
These engines are already compliant with Stage V regulations, but others – which still are at Stage IIIA – will have to upgrade their emission level. This is why FPT Industrial developed the PowerPack, a new installation solution which encloses all key after-treatment components into a single package. DOC, SCR-on-Filter, AdBlue injection system and all required sensors, together with manifolds, are included in this pre-assembled pack, therefore avoiding the need for a dedicated exhaust system design.
In the video on top you can taste 60 seconds of the trade fair, where FPT Industrial presented engines and solutions whilst visitors could try the Virtual Reality experience of the PowerPack, that you can discover in the following video.

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