November 20, 2017


​On display at FPT Industrial Tech Day, there was also the New Holland methane concept tractor, which was presented at the Farm Progress Show last August. The tractor is powered by FPT Industrial NEF 6 cylinder Natural Gas engine, specially designed for Agricultural applications. The NEF NG prototype combines sustainability and performance, identical to that of an equivalent Diesel engine. The NEF 6 Cylinder NG develops 180 hp max power and 740 Nm maximum torque, while the consumption has a day-long autonomy. The engine is Tier4B/Stage IV compliant and cuts pollutants by 80% in overall emissions when compared to Diesel. In addition, it reduces vibration and noise (by up to 3 dBA), leading to a 50% reduction in drive-by-noise. This tractor "of the future" was on display to stress the effort FPT Industrial is making in alternative solutions, even in the Agriculture field, where Natural Gas will grow in the future, due to high market demands, to further sustain decarbonization and the always more urgent necessity to face climate changes. ​