September 25, 2017


At Farm Progress Show 2017, FPT Industrial presented its new NEF 6 Cylinder Natural Gas engine - specially designed for Agriculture applications, during the unveiling of the New Holland Agriculture new methane concept tractor. "The alternative fuels have always represented a very important target in the development of the FPT Industrial portfolio," said Annalisa Stupenengo, FPT Industrial Brand President. The reductions of NOx and CO2 are targets that we want to achieve all around the world: in the past, natural gas technology was meant only for On-road applications but now there is growing discourse around the role of natural gas in agriculture. FPT is ahead of the curve here, as we already have more than 5 years of tests in agriculture applications".

The NEF Natural Gas prototype puts together sustainability and performance, identical to that of an equivalent Diesel engine. This is, in fact, an in-line 6 cylinder engine, able to develop 180 hp peak power and 740 Nm maximum torque, while the consumption has a day-long autonomy. The 6 Cylinder NEF Natural Gas is Tier4B/Stage IV compliant and, as well as the other FPT Industrial Natural Gas engines, can run on compressed (CNG), liquefied (LNG) or renewable forms of natural gas (such as biomethane), that can lead to near zero CO2 emissions. Furthermore, compared to conventional diesel engines, FPT Industrial's Natural Gas engines cut pollutants by 80% in overall emissions, reduce vibration and noise (by up to 3 dBA), leading to a 50% reduction in drive-by-noise.

FPT Industrial has a long history of
Natural Gas solutions, with more than 20 years of experience in this field and the continuous improvements of its technologies. In this video, Ms. Stupenengo further explains the advantages of Natural Gas solutions, the production of which will increase in the years to come, due to the growing market demands, the necessity to cope with climate change, and to further sustain decarbonization.

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