May 16, 2017


FPT Industrial unveiled its two new best-in-class medium-range engines for Power Generation at Middle East Electricity, in Dubai: N67 250kVA and C87 300kVA, achieving more power in less space.

These two new engines enable, in medium-range, the best power density in the market and housed in the most compact packaging. With this introduction, FPT Industrial has established a full-line of product offerings within the Power Generation segment.

From the renowned NEF family of engines, the new N67 250kVA is compact for high power generators. The 6.7 liter unit at 250kVA has the same dimensions of a 200kVA power node engine. This is made possible through a displacement downsizing approach: while FPT Industrial uses a 6 cylinder 6.7 liter engine, the competition uses a 6 cylinder 9 liter engine. Thanks to this feature, it is best-in-class for G-Drive packaging.

This FPT Industrial product satisfies the continuous demand for power density increase and lowered total cost of ownership from the Power Generation segment. It is the most compact 250kVA G-Drive in the market: N67 250kVA allows Genset manufacturers to simplify their product line-ups, to minimize product costs, and to maximize efficiency.

Based on 6 cylinder Cursor 9 engine architecture, the new C87 300kVA utilizes a high power density 8,7 liter engine (8% over competitors' average). This new product from FPT Industrial for Power Generation stands as best-in-class, both for reduction in fuel consumption (5% lower than competitors' average) and maintenance service intervals (up to 600 hours). This coupled with the most compact oil circuit capacity (28 liter), amounts to the best total cost of ownership in the 300kVA "emissioned" markets.

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