June 16, 2017


Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) provided the opportunity to showcase the FPT Industrial marine engine line, and also to renew our partnership with Mercury Marine.

At MIBS in February, FPT Industrial exhibited - through its distributor Motor-Services Hugo Stamp Inc. (MSHS) - its most representative models from its range of marine engines: NEF N67 570 and CURSOR C90 650, representing the best in pleasure boating technology and performance.

Innovative technological solutions and design, high performance, compact size, light weight, low fuel consumption, low noise and CO2 emissions, and limited management and maintenance costs are the key features that place these engines among the "best in class" in their categories for recreational boats. The best proving grounds for our research and development have been our outstanding performances and proven season after season, at speed and endurance challenges – highlighting the unbeatable power and reliability of our engines.

The N67 570 has a six cylinder in-line configuration with a 6.7 liter capacity, four valves per cylinder, latest generation electronically controlled Common Rail injection technology, and turbocharging with a waste gate valve and intercooler.

The C90 650, from the renowned Cursor series, offers a capacity of 8.7 liters, with a six cylinder in-line configuration. It uses the latest generation electronically controlled Common Rail fuel injection system, with the rail integrated in the head cover. These features offer substantial benefits in terms of efficiency and low noise levels, allowing the C90 650 to combine outstanding performance and reduced fuel consumption.

At MIBS this year, FPT Industrial also re-launched its partnership with Mercury Marine. Boasting an overall production of more than 1.6 million engines since 2001 from the NEF series, the new 6.7 liter FPT Industrial marine engine customized for Mercury Marine leads in pleasure boating technology and performance. In a bold new chapter in this partnership, FPT Industrial and Mercury Marine introduced the Mercury Diesel at the show. The new 6.7 liter engine is an electronic fuel injection common-rail NEF engine and will be available in three power levels: 480hp, 500hp, and 550hp.

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