FPT Industrial On Road engines' commitment: making the world go round.
Professional transport is built on performance, durability and efficiency: FPT Industrial certified engines are powerful, reliable, robust and innovative. Our range of engines for on-road applications, based on three advanced engineering powertrain families (F1, NEF and CURSOR), with displacements from 2.3 to 12.9 liters, power ratings from 95 to 442 kW and maximum torque levels from 350 to 2,850 Nm, suits every daily challenge through a cost-effective solution.

The power of innovation: engineering for sustainability.
All FPT engine families include natural gas units. Our commitment is to offer a reliable, advanced, clean engine designed for low noise and long life, everyday savings through low fuel and low carbon consumption, respecting the environment and current low emission restrictions. Whether they are on-highway engines for City, Intercity or Coach buses: the result will be fuel-efficient performance and reliability.

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